International Programs

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International Programs

Whether you're coming to Troy University for your exchange semester or seeking your degree, there are many advantages and perks to studying in Troy, AL. One benefit of studying at Troy is the fun extracurricular things students can do during their time here. Our International Office tries to plan fun events and trips of all kinds to keep our students engaged and invest in our International Student community.

Some of those events are football and baseball tailgates. Here, our students experience an authentic college gameday atmosphere with cookouts and friendships. International Student Services host all our tailgates with an on-campus student organization. We also host annual Holiday Celebrations with on-campus organizations such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Chinese New Year, Tet, and Diwali. Not all holiday celebrations are American, and we are trying to provide opportunities for all students to learn about holidays from around the world.  

The International Student Services office wants to allow international students to learn about American culture and share their culture with their fellow students. Our programming is integral to the international student's experience on our campus. Their involvement outside the classroom is just as important to us.  

Your donation will offset the cost of these events for our students.